Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic journal of Mathematics and Science faculty UNS?
Electronic journal is a web-based tools to manage a scientific journal. Means is provided as a place for the management of existing journals in the faculty of Science, UNS. During these journals are still in the print version that needs to create an electronic version which will make it easier for readers of scientific works.

What is in this electronic journal?
This journal contains journals that exist in the faculties of Science, UNS, besides it also includes the results of research as well as proceedings seminar.Di this website are provided several facilities for search and information about the articles in each journal.

How do I get fulltex from journal articles on this website?
You must sign up as a member first, selahkan fill in the form of existing registers in the register menu, after that you will get a password that will be sent to your email. After that, please login with your username and password to login.

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